Self Pay Prices

Office Visit

New Patient $120
Established Patient$110
Sports Physical$50
DOT Physical $100
DOT follow up$50
College Physical $75
Work/Daycare Physical $75
Annual Physical (Additional charges for Labs or pap smear is required) $119
Immigration physicals$190
FMLA and any paper work$50

In house Tests/Labs

Flu Test $70
Pregnancy Test$25
Strep Test$25
TB onlyt$75
TB + GC + RPR$120
TB +RPR$100
fingerstick glucose $15
urinanalysis $20
Urine Drug screen$50
Urine for microalbumin$85
STD and Urine Culture$60
Covid Test (Rapid)$50

Quest Labs done in house self-pay pricing

TB GOLD for tuberculosis screening $75
syphilis screening$20
MMR Titres$40
Varicella Titres:$105
CBC/CMP/lipid panel (With Thyroid)$60
Lipid panel$45
Thyroid Panel (TSH, T4)$40
Hemoglobin A1c (3-month sugar check)$25
CBC, CMP, Lipid panel (without thyroid)-$40
Immunizations – TDAP, additional vaccinations based on availability$80
B12 Shots$25
Rocephin shot$30